Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Traveling. Nuremberg

You may believe me or not but there is nothing to compare with my trip to Germany. Last summer I visited this beautiful country. I have been living in a little village near Nuremberg for 2 monthes. So I had a lot of time to learn a lot about customs and traditions and to visit some places of interest.
Nuremberg is a big city with its interesting and ancient history. What is this city famous for?
1. Nuremberg is known for Nürnberger Bratwurst (sausages). They are so tasty!!!

2. The architecture is marvellous! In the pictures you can see Market place, Schöner Brunnen, Nürnberger Mauer. I had a long walk, but it was great. On the Market place you can visit a souvenir shop and buy something for you, your friends and family.

3. Nuremberg Transport Museum is also worth visiting. It is the oldest railway museum in Germany. There are a lot of trains, cars, models of the cars and ships there. Some trains are not in the museum itself, but in the open-air. There is also a place for little children where they can play. 
 Museum's building
King Ludwig's royal train
 The oldest train in the collection
 My red dream ;)
Model railway
I hope this article was interesting and useful for you


  1. да, шикарная архитектура)

  2. Haha great post, wish you much fun in germany :)


  3. Вау, все так красиво. Хотелось бы побывать там)

    1. ещё обязательно успеешь!