Monday, March 5, 2012

Traveling. Odessa

I have seen a lot of interesting places in the world. They were fantastical and marvellous and took my breath away! But there are only some places on the Earth where I feel like at home. Odessa is among them. In this city you can enjoy the Black Sea, great architecture and nature.

Would you like to visit Odessa? The most interesting thing to see in this pearl is the old part of the city. At first, I advice you to visit Opera Hause. This place is really worth seeing! If you'll walk along the Deribasovskaya street, you'll be deeply impressed by the views. You can walk down the famous Potemkin Steps and you'll see the beautiful port. It is especially beautiful in the evening. If you have a lot of free time you can also visit some museums. The most interesting are Odessa region museum, Literature museum, etc. People in Ukraine are very hospitable and the girls are really beautiful!


  1. Да, впечатляет город!

  2. I want to visit it this summer!