Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Traveling by plane

In the previous year I had a lot of new impressions.  The greatest impressions were connected with two flights by plane. At first I was flying by a military plane in my country and the second time by a little plane for 5 persons in Germany. It was very exciting, but after the flight I felt bad. What to do to feel good after and during the flight? I’ll share with you some of my secrets. Try to avoid alcohol some days before you fly and while you are flying. Take vitamin C or Airborne every day during the week before flight.  It is better to take a sit near the window and look through it. Don’t use pillows and blankets in the plane, because they are used many times and can cause illnesses.  After the flight drink a cup of green tea and close you mouth and nose and than try to breath away. I wish you a good flight.
There are some pictures that I have taken in the plane!


  1. You are luky love ypur blog and im following too

  2. Wow! The sights are really beautiful.